Salting & Ice Prevention

Our crews are on site each day checking for snow and ice accumulation and just the right amount of product to ensure the people who access your property are safe from slip and falls.

Serv-A-Yard applies a pre-treatment formula to your lot before the snow hits. Snow doesn’t pack, cake or bind to the asphalt meaning you are back in business doing what you do best!

We have researched numerous ice melting products and have found a product that is a win win for ice prevention and for the environment! Serv-A-Yard uses an ice melting product that is 99.9% pure, upcycled sodium chloride. This ice melting product is not coated or blended, it is uniformly infused with calcium and magnesium and manufactured for consistent size and uniformity, which means it keeps working long after we have moved on to the next property.