Spring & Fall Cleanup

As soon as possible after the Spring thaw and when the property has drained and dried sufficiently to permit the entrance of vehicles and small power equipment, our crews are ready to perform Spring clean up as follows:

Serv-A-Yard Spring cleanup includes:

  • Litter, garbage and debris which has accumulated over the winter months will be collected and removed.
  • Lawn and grass areas will be cleared of dead grass and leaves.
  • Shrubs and trees less then 7’ which show winter damage or have broken branches will be pruned.
  • Shrubbery and flower beds will be cultivated and edged.
  • Sucker shoots on tree trunks and at base of trees will be removed.
  • Sidewalk and curb edges will be edged and swept.

Getting your property cleaned up before the snow comes means a big payoff in the Spring in regards to the health and presentation of your trees, shrubs, turf and annuals.

Serv-A-Yard Fall cleanup includes:

  • Lawn and grass areas will be given a final mowing and trimming.
  • Flowerbeds will be cleared of dead plants and perennials will be cut back.
  • Areas will be raked and dead leaves and grass will be disposed of.
  • Sucker shoots on tree trunks and at base of trees will be removed.
  • Parking lot and drive edges swept.
  • Litter, garbage and debris will be collected and disposed of.

Depending on the size of the industrial, commercial or residential complex property, keeping it in perfect condition and staying a step ahead of the seasons, can be time consuming. Serv-A-Yard can help you out!