Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Serv-A-Yard believes that a well-trained workforce is our best defense against occupational accidents and injuries. Safety is our culture. To that end, we are committed to providing employees with the most effective and comprehensive training available. Serv-A-Yard is dedicated to the overall safety of the employees and the worksites where work is being performed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following is observed and practiced by Serv-A-Yard employees when we undertake any maintenance work or project.  Employees are trained in the use and care of the PPE they are using and records of training are available.  PPE is inspected regularly for defects/damage and any defective equipment removed from service.

All employees on job sites wear:

  • CSA Grade 1 safety footwear
  • CSA Class G or E hard hats
  • CSA Approved safety glasses
  • CSA Approved safety vest

PPE used as required:

  • Harnesses
  • Dust mask
  • Hearing protection
  • Welding gloves
  • Chainsaw protective pants

Industrial Educational Cooperative (IEC)

Serv-A-Yard utilizes many of the IEC’s training courses and practices which is a great resource and enhances Serv-A-Yard’s already concrete healthy and safety practices.

Daily Tool Box Talks
Basic Safety Orientation (BSO-BSOPF) Plus
Supervisory Safety Training (SFT-SUPER)
Observation Based Safety Training (GEN – OBSTR)
Site Specific Training
Monthly Safety Meetings

Task Cards

This is a preventative measure to pre-identify any potential risks before a task is started and is used by all employees once entering a job site.

Serv-A-Yard’s Mentoring Program

Once a new employee is hired they are introduced into our Mentoring Program.  The new employee is paired up with a crew member that is experienced and fully trained. Mentoring has proven to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and enrich new-employee initiation.  We want our employees to succeed.  As each skill set is taught it is documented in their employee file and in our database so that we know at any given moment who is trained for a particular job site. 

The following is offered to all employees of Serv-A-Yard:

Industry Programs and Education Sessions

Being involved in an ever-changing industry, forces Serv-A-Yard to continuously invest in training opportunities for the team. Any opportunity to send the management and employees for product training offered by manufacturers or distributors is encouraged and facilitated.

Serv-A-Yard's Tuition Assistance Program

At any time, if a Serv-A-Yard employee desires to further their own Post-Secondary Education and the schooling relates to their position or other positions within the company, they are eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program.