Facility & Equipment

Facility & Equipment

Serv-A-Yard’s office and main yard are located at 2089 Rokeby Line, Mooretown, ON. We also have a satellite yard on Old London Road to quickly and efficiently service our industrial, commercial and residential complex clients.

To maintain the equipment and repair any problems in a timely manner, Serv-A-Yard has its own fully equipped mechanic's shop with two bays, storage area, wash bay and workshop. This minimizes down time due to equipment problems.

Our indoor warehouse and chemical storage shed is ideal for keeping equipment and products out of the elements, it also allows for quick loading and unloading. The outdoor lay down area is completely fenced and secure for equipment storage and maintenance. This allows enough space for the employees to keep the equipment clean and maintained.

Waste product that returns from the job sites is stored on the Serv-A-Yard site, at the waste storage area and recycling depot, until it can be properly disposed of. The waste storage area is above industrial standards and offers the employees a safe place to properly dispose of waste and store recycling materials.

Over the years, Serv-A-Yard has developed many long-lasting relationships with equipment retailers, manufactures and fabricators. This not only supplies us with the best possible equipment to complete the assigned task, but also ensures that the equipment is cost effective to operate and maintain maximum productivity. All equipment has Maintenance Records available upon request, including Safety Certificates, E-Tests and Maintenance Logs.